ALBOGAZ METAL SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Aluminum Pipe, Steel Pipe, Machining Part, Zamak Alloys Part, Die Casting Part, Thermocouple, Spark Plug, Cooker Gas Burner
KAVIAS IC VE DIS TIC. A.S. Manhole Cover, Ductile Iron Manhole Cover, Composites Manhole Cover, Grid, Spheroidal Cast Iron, Pig Casting, Manhole Covers, Ductile Iron
UCEL PRES MAKINA SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Chamber Machines, Hot Chamber Machines, Cold Chamber Machines, Die Casting Machines, Chamber Machine Spare Parts, Die Casting Machine Parts, Clamber Machine Parts, Injection Presses
TAVILLER HIDROLIK MIL VE BORU IMALAT SAN. VE TIC. A. S. Honed Tube, Chrome Plated Bar, Cold Drawn Seamless Tube, H8 Tube, H9 Tube, Bar, Plated Bar, Hydraulic Tube
SUPERSOL BIYOTEKNOLOJI A.S. liquid worm fertilizers, organic pellets, organic foliar fertilizers, fertilizers, worm fertilizers, organic fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, solid fertilizers

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Health of both our soil and our children is very important for us! For healthy and fertile soil and products, it is both our duty and our debt owed to our country: • To generate organic, sustainable and economic solutions, • To reduce use of chemicals, • To protect our soils and health of our people, and • To make domestic production, thereby reducing imports and increasing exports. our duty and debt to our country.
Kavias Ic ve Dis Tic. A.S. strives to supply the highest quality products to its customers at the best price point. Since the establishment of our business without compromising our principles that we put forth business understanding in accordance with our greatest goal, to keep our products at the highest quality standard and to deliver on time. We are doing our job better with your satisfaction. Kavias Inc. in a conscious and aware manner of this powerful unity that it has provided, and in the sectors it serves with a contemporary and dynamic structure.
Our production facility in business for automotive industry with 15 years of experience about precision casting is continuing its journey as KONYA HASSAS SERAMIK DOKUM CO. LTD. (KHD) by extending its service network in 2006. As KONYA HASSAS DOKUM CO. TD (KHD) that established in 2006 as subsidiary company of NEYYSAN, the leader of its sector, we can cast various parts between 1 gr and 30 kg in ISO 9001 quality standards by using two different induction ovens in our precision casting facility that supported by cutting edge technology and fund of R&D and high analysis laboratory. Our company can cast parts for these industries: Automotive Industry, Machine-Agriculture Industry, Defense and Military Industry, Medical Industry, Food Industry, Textile Industry, Valve and Pump Industry… Since it was established, our company has become an important solution center / brand for the sector through its business line, customer relations, improving expert staff, consideration for human, nature and social values. KHD PRECISION CASTING is a supplier company and also a supporter company for its customers by working as production development partner. We have 60.000 kg-per-month capacity by casting parts from 1g to 50 kg in 2.000 sqm indoor space. As casting materials: we are using steel, stainless, ductile iron, aluminum and copper alloys. These materials are tested in our metallurgy laboratories which has international and Europe standards about equipment. Our chemical analysis spectrometer helps us to control alloys in liquid metal casting stage. Right along with this stage, we have physical tests, microscopical analysis and dimensional size controls. Also; processes like mold design, processing, heat treating and coating can be done by us or our verified suppliers.
Our firm supported by the 41 years of know-how and experience, is now giving service in the sector with a fresh profile of Mega Istanbul Yapi Yatirim A.S. Our machine parcure are shaping steel with the maximum values that are continuously improving backed with latest technological improvements and Research & Development. Today we are at your service with four slitting lines , three cut to length lines and 1 corrugation line with the total tonnage of 651.000 capacity. We are at your service with 15.000 m2 space consisting of 10.000 covered and 5.000 m2 open area. With a stock of 20.000 tons of various types and qualities, we are responding to the your demands in a win&win mentality. Our ultimate goal is to find long-term and trustful and valuable business partners around the globe.
Started activity in 2010 in Istanbul. Our firm produces aluminum pipes, steel pipes, machining parts, zamak alloys parts needed by improving white goods and also makes their mountings. Our company continues to make new investments to go forward and to produce more quality products in parallel with needs of white goods sector. ALBOGAZ have got ISO 9001:2008 quality system certificate since 2012. Ensures development of its all activities including customer demand, new product preparation and planning, preparation of new product molds, realization of testing production and acceptance of first sample, giving order, planning production, realization of production, quality control processes, packaging and transport processes in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 quality system standard. Annual mounted product capacity of our firm is 1.000,000 pieces, and our firm continues to its activities within 3500 m2 covered area.
Since 1977 Taviler Hidrolik Boru ve Mil Imalat Sanayi A.S. was established in 1977. Taviller; manufacture Hard Chrome Plated Bars, Hydraulic Honed Tubes, Hydraulic Line Pipe and Hydraulic Spare Parts. Our main plant has 24.000 m2 are in Aydin City Turkey. Taviller provide service to the customser in Turkey with 6 branches. Istanbul Ikitelli, Istanbul Imes, Bursa, Konya, Ankara and Izmir. We export to 36 countries around the world with the best quality and strong cooperation. We produce 12-220 mm hard chrome plated bars, 40-550 mm honed tubes, 6-230 mm cold drawn seamless tube with the best quality. Taviller care about the high quality and make investiment to the innovation process. With cold drawn machines, honing and skive burnishing machines, peeled, grinding, polishing machines, hydraulic cnc machines are on the process for the our customers.
UCEL PRES established in 1997 to produce metal injection presses as soon as possible to be able to better serve its customers by growing set as its goal. Pressed continue with the concept of superior quality from the past experience in the casting industry rose rapidly and reputable quality service and has established proof. Our team of experienced personnel trained in the leading companies in the industry. Still possible to our customers has made it possible to provide the highest quality and fastest service.
Turkey is engaged in the production and export activities on our company KAIZEN GLASSWARE INDUSTRY FOREIGN TRADE. TIC. LTD. STI. Exports in the product groups listed below. We are among the major supplier companies on Turkey. We are the leading Turkish company that can offer you the best price and optimum quality. Being a member of that B2B platform, our company KAIZEN DIS TICARET ZUCCACIYE SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Is engaged in production and trade in the city of Kutahya. Turkey Turkish goods through the supply of products we provide are as follows: Household and Kitchenware, housewares, textiles, porcelain, ceramics We have our own production factories for Porcelain and Ceramic Tableware group products, which are our area of ​​specialization. We will gladly respond to your requests such as plates, bowls, mugs, dinnerware. Please wait for an offer from us by filling out the RFQ form on this page. We will reply you in a short time with our best offer. CERAMICS (MAIN CATEGORY) The following classes are DINNER SET / DINNER SET PLATE / PLATE CUP / MUG BOWL / BOWL BOAT / BOAT COFFEE SET / COFFE CUP TEA SET / TEA CUP CERAMIC PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS / CERAMIC PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS ----------- ****************** ---------------- PORCELAIN (MAIN CATEGORY) The following classes are DINNER SET / DINNER SET PLATE / PLATE CUP / MUG BOWL / BOWL BOAT / BOAT COFFEE SET / COFFE CUP TEA SET / TEA CUP PORCELAIN PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS / PORCELAIN PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS ----------- ****************** ------------------- GLASSWARE -SOFRA POT FORK SPOON INDUSTRIAL KITCHENWARE SPICE TEAM PAN -------------- ****************** ---------------- TEXTILE LINEN QUILT TOWEL PILLOW BLANKET CARPET RUG CURTAIN BATH TEXTILE KITCHEN TEXTILE
Founded in 1977, our company offers its services in a more powerful, more dynamic structure and policy than ever before with its years of experience. At present, it is operating in Konya Organized Industrial Zone on an area of ​​5,000 m2. Our company also provides finished product service to its customers with machining in 2010. Our company is able to make various contract manufacturing with its cnc track and experience and entered into bush pulley production with power transmission elements in 2018. Our company has a strong machine park and more than 50 employees with 1 unit of 2 tons and 1 unit of 1 ton induction furnaces and also the capacity to pour 5,000 tons of casting from 100 grams to one piece 4 tons.